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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ratinderpal Boy Select
Ratish Boy Lord Of Love Select
Ratnabhu Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Ratnakar Boy Mine Of Jewels, Kuber, Sea Select
Ratnanidhi Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Ratnesh Boy God Of Jewels ( Kuber) Select
Ratri Boy Night Select
Ratul Boy Sweet,Truth Seeking; Interested Select
Raudra Boy Son Of Shiva - Kartikeya Select
Ravana Boy The Raksasa King Of Lanka Select
Ravi Boy Sun, Fire,Benevolent, Sun God Select
Ravikiran Boy Sun Ray Select
Ravinandan Boy Son Of Sun ( Karna ) Select
Ravindra Boy Sun Select
Ravindranath Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Ravinshu Boy Kamdev ( Cupid ) Select
Ravish/Ravit Boy Sun Select
Ravisharan Boy Surrender Select
Ray Boy Beam Of Light Select
Rayirth Boy Lord Brahma Select
Raz Boy Secret Select
Renesh Boy Lord Of Love Select
Renit Boy Select
Renjith Boy Victory Select
Revant Boy One Who Keep Horses Select


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