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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Samajas Boy Lord Shiva Select
Samaksh Boy Select
Samalya Boy Garlanded Select
Saman Boy Calming Song Of Praise Select
Samant Boy Universal Whole Select
Samanvita Boy Name Of Goddess Durga Select
Samanyu Boy Lord Shiva Select
Samar Boy War Select
Samara Boy Accompanied By Gods Select
Samarajit Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Samarendra Boy Lord Of War, Lord Vishnu Select
Samarjit Boy Victorious In War, Lord Vishnu Select
Samarth Boy Lord Krishna Select
Samarthya Boy Strength Capability Select
Samarvir Boy Hero Of Battle Select
Samavart Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Samay Boy Time Select
Sambha Boy Shining Select
Sambit Boy Consciousness Select
Sambodh Boy Complete Knowledge,Wise Prudent Select
Samdarshi Boy Lord Krishna Select
Samedh Boy Full Of Strength Select
Sameep Boy Nearby; Close Select
Sameer Boy Early Morning Fragrance; Entertaining Companion; Wind Select
Samen Boy Happy Select


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