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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sankalp Boy Vow Resolution Determination Select
Sankara, Shankar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sankarsana Boy One Who Ploughs Select
Sanket Boy Signal Select
Sankil Boy Possessed With Fire A Burning Torch Select
Sannath Boy Accompanied By A Protector Select
Sannidhi Boy Nearness ,Always Ready Select
Sanobar Boy A Palm Tree Select
Sanshray Boy Aim ,Connection; Shelte Select
Sanshubh Boy Radiant; Beautiful Select
Sanskar Boy Up - Bringing Select
Santan Boy A Tree Select
Santanak Boy Spreading A Tree Select
Santatey Boy Continuous Extended Select
Santavir Boy Courageous And Saintly Person Select
Santosh Boy Happiness,Satisfaction Select
Sanu Boy Peak Sun Select
Sanug Boy With Followers Select
Sanurag Boy Affectionate Select
Sanvah Boy Carrying Along Bearing Wind Select
Sanvar Boy Dam Bridge Select
Sanvaran Boy Covering Enclosing Select
Sanvarth Boy A Rain Cloud Meeting Select
Sanvrit Boy Happened Select
Sanwariya Boy Lord Krishna Select


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