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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Virat Boy Very Big Select
Virbhanu Boy Very Strong Select
Virendra Boy Lord Of The Heroes Select
Viresh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vireshvar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Virikvas Boy Lord Indra Select
Virinchi Boy Brahma Select
Virochan Boy Moon, Fire Select
Virurch Boy The Holy Trinity Select
Visamaksh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vishakh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vishal Boy Huge, Broad, Great Select
Vishalaksh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Visham Boy Select
Vishant Boy Select
Vishantak Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vishatan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Vishesh Boy Special Select
Vishnahpu Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Vishnu Boy Lord Vishnu, The Preserver Select
Vishnudev Boy God Select
Vishnudutt Boy Gift Of Lord Vishnu Select
Vishodhan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Vishva Boy World Select
Vishvag Boy Lord Brahma Select


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