Indian and Hindu Boy Names With Meanings

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Rachamalla Boy name


Ravindar Boy name

The God of Sun; Knowledge

Ravishankar Boy name

Lord of the Sun

Ravishu Boy name


Ravit Boy name


Ravy Boy name

From the sun

Rebanta Boy name

A son of surya

Renaud Boy name

Wise power

Renukadevi Boy name

Mother of Parasurma or Sixth incarnation of lord Vishnu

Reyaansh Boy name

Vishnu's ansh, The Sanskrit origin name means 'first ray of sunlight'.

Riaan Boy name

Little king

Riddhiman Boy name

Possessed of good fortune

Riddhish Boy name

Name of lord ganesha

Rijesh Boy name


Rijin Boy name

Counselor, Perfectionist, Compassion

Riju Boy name


Rijul Boy name


Rijwal Boy name


Rineshan Boy name

this names is meaningful yet attractive

Rinku Boy name

Sweet Boy

Rishav Boy name

Morality; Superior; Excellent; A musical note

Robins Boy name

Bright fame old english name

Rochak Boy name


Rocky Boy name

Stone; stoney, craggy

Rohanlal Boy name

Lord krishna

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