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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Adinath Boy Father of bharata & bahubali Select
Adisakthi Girl Godess durga Select
Adish Boy Lord Shiva, Fire Select
Adith Boy From the begining Select
Aditi Girl The Earth Select
Aditya Boy Sun Select
Aditya vardhan Boy One who embellishes the sun Select
Adjovi Boy Prince Select
Adrija Girl goddess parvathi Select
Adrika Girl Celestial Select
Adrut Boy Select
Advait Boy Unique Select
Advay Boy Unique Select
Advik Boy Unique Select
Advika Girl One who is unique Select
Agalya Girl Accommodations Select
Agasti Girl name of a sage Select
Agastya Boy A Saint In Hindu Mythology Select
Agendra Boy Himalayan Mountain Select
Aghosh Boy Quiet, Soundless Select
Agnaeyie Girl Daughter Of Fire Select
Agneya Boy Son Of Agni Select
Agnikaa Girl Daughter Of Fire; Born From The Fire Select
Agnimithra Girl Friend of fire Select
Agnimitra Girl Friend of fire Select


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