Indian Hindu Baby Names

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Aanav Boy name

Humane, Generous

Aanchal Girl name

A girl who gives shelter and protection to the needy

Aandaleeb Boy name

The bullbul bird

Aanjaneya Boy name

Son of Anjani

Aanjay Boy name

Unconquerable or one who cannot be defeated

Aanshi Girl name

God's Gift

Aanya Girl name


Aapt Boy name

Trust worthy

Aapti Girl name

success, fulfilment

Aaraadhak Boy name


Aaradhya Girl name


Aaral Girl name


Aaranay Boy name


Aaranyan Boy name

Lush like a forest

Aarathi Girl name

She who praises the Lord very humbly

Aarav Boy name


Aaravi Girl name


Aardik Boy name

The person who is affectionateto his fellowmen

Aarhant Boy name

Protector from enemies

Aarika Girl name

Goddess Lakshmi

Aarin Boy name

In Hebrew it means "mountain strength"

Aarish Boy name


Aarit Boy name

One who seeks the right direction

Aariv Boy name

wise full of wisdom

Aarna Girl name

Goddess Lakshmi

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