Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'U'

Indian Hindu baby boy names begin with letter U. Showing 76 to 100 of 120 names. Click to shortlist names and view later.

Utsav Boy name


Ubhay Boy name

A true blessing

Ucathya Boy name

One who is worthy of praise

Uchith Boy name

The one who loves perfection

Udar Boy name


Udayachal Boy name

Eastern horizon

Udaykiran Boy name

One who is like the rising sun

Uddhar Boy name

One who is free ; an independent man

Udhay Boy name

Rising sun

Ujagar Boy name


Ujjal Boy name

A bright personality

Ukesh Boy name

Gift of God

Ulaganathan Boy name

Master of the World

Ullasit Boy name

One who is brilliant, splendid and Joyous

Uma Mahesh Boy name

Variant name of Lord Shiva

Umaid Boy name

One who inspires

Umakanta Boy name

Lover of Uma; moonlight

Umakar Boy name

A priceless gift

Umanant Boy name

Glorious one; Another name of Lord Shiva

Umapathi Boy name

Consort of Uma

Umapati Boy name

Consort of Uma

Umaprasad Boy name

Blessing of Goddess Parvati.

Umashankar Boy name

Lord Shiva

Unmaivilambi Boy name

One who is honest and full of life

Unnikrishnan Boy name

young Krishna

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