Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'U'

Indian Hindu baby boy names begin with letter U. Showing 101 to 120 of 120 names. Click to shortlist names and view later.

Upagupta Boy name

Name of a buddhist monk

Upal Boy name

One who is strong and courageous

Upamanyu Boy name

Name of a devoted pupil

Upendranath Boy name

One who is regarded holy;Another name of Lord Vishnu

Upesh Boy name

One who is a leader; A king

Upjas Boy name

One who is divine

Uppala Boy name

One who is successful

Ura Boy name

Loved from the heart

Ushakanta Boy name

The sun

Ushan Boy name

One who is full of energy; a lively spirit

Utanka Boy name

A disciple of sage veda

Utkal Boy name

A glorious and wonderful personality

Utkarsha Boy name


Utsa Boy name

Spring season

Uttal Boy name

Strong , formidable

Uttiya Boy name

A name in buddhist literature

Uzair Boy name

Prophet name

Unal Boy name

Strong spirit

Umay Boy name

The soin of Goddess Parvati

Uddit Boy name

Giving light

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