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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Atul Boy Matchless Select
Atulya Boy Unweighable, Incomparable Select
Aushi Girl Long Lived Select
Avalok Boy One Who Beholds Select
Avani Girl Eath Select
Avanika Girl Earth Select
Avanindra Boy King Of The Earth Select
Avanish Boy God Of The Earth Select
Avanti Girl City Of Ujjain Select
Avantika Girl The Princess Of Ujjain Select
Avichal Boy Unmovable Select
Avika Girl Sun Rays, Charismatic Personality Select
Avinash Boy Indestructible Select
Aviraj Boy To Shine As Bright As The Sun Select
Aviral Boy One Who Never Stops Select
Avish Boy Ocean Select
Avishi Girl Earth, River Select
Avkash Boy Leisure Select
Avneesh Boy God Of Earth Select
Avnendra Boy Angel Of God On Earth Select
Avnita Girl The Earth Select
Avnitha Girl The earth Select
Ayesha Girl Daughter Of The Prophet Select
Ayukta Girl Surya Or Sun Select
Ayush Boy Age; Duration Of Life Select


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