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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Pramodan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Pramsu Boy A Scholar Select
Pramukh Boy Head Select
Pran Boy Life Select
Prana Boy Spirit Select
Pranad Boy Loud Sound, Reverberation Select
Pranal Boy Waterway Select
Pranav Boy Sacred Syllable Om Select
Pranay Boy Romance Select
Praneet Boy Requested Select
Praneeth Boy Select
Pranesh Boy Lord Of Life (Husband, Master) Select
Pranet Boy Leader Select
Praney Boy Obedient Select
Pranit Boy Modest Select
Pranjivan Boy Life Select
Prannath Boy Lord Of Life ( Most Beloved Person), Husband Select
Pranshu Boy Tall, Lord Vishnu Select
Pransu Boy High; Tall Select
Prasad Boy Offering To God During Pooja Select
Prasanna Boy Cheerful, Pleased Select
Prasanth Boy Select
Prasata Boy Father Of Draupad Select
Prasenjit Boy A King In Epics Select
Prashant Boy Calm And Composed, Cool Select


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