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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Reyansh Boy Select
Ridit Boy Select
Rigved Boy Select
Rikin Boy Select
Rini Boy Little bunny Select
Ripu Boy Enemy Select
Ripudaman Boy One Who Defeats His Enemies Select
Rishaan Boy A Good Human Being Select
Rishab Boy The Musical Note Re,Morality,Morality Select
Rishi Boy Sage, Ray Of Light,A Sage Select
Rishit Boy The Best Select
Rishvanjas Boy Lord Indra Select
Ritesh Boy Lord Of Truth Select
Rithik Boy Stream Select
Rithish Boy Select
Rithwik Boy Saint Select
Riti Boy Motion Select
Ritish Boy Select
Ritujeet, Rutujit Boy Conquerer Of Seasons Select
Ritul Boy Select
Rituraj Boy King Of The Seasons Select
Ritvik Boy Scholar; Head Of The Vedas Select
Rivan Boy Select
Rkhvan Boy Jubilant Select
Rochan Boy Red Lotus, Bright Select


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