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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Tapesh Boy The Holy Trinity Select
Tapeshwar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Taporaj Boy Moon Select
Tarachandra Boy Star & Moon Select
Taradhish Boy Lord Of The Stars Select
Tarak Boy Pupil Of Eye, Protector, Star Select
Tarakeshwar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Taraknath Boy Lord Shiva Select
Taraksh Boy Mountain Select
Taran Boy Raft, Heaven,Lord Vishnu Select
Tarang Boy Wave,Hindu Boy Select
Tarani Boy Boat, Sun Select
Tarendra Boy Prince Of Stars Select
Taresh Boy God Of The Stars ( Moon) Select
Tarkesh Boy God Of Stars ( Moon) Select
Tarkeshwar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Tarosh Boy Heaven; Small Boat Select
Taru Boy Small Plant Select
Tarun Boy Youth , Young Select
Tathagat Boy Buddha Select
Tatharaj Boy Buddha Select
Tatva Boy Element Select
Tatya Boy Lord Shiva Select
Tautik Boy Pearl Select
Tavish Boy Heaven Select


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