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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Vajramani Boy Diamond Select
Vajrin Boy Lord Indra Select
Vakrabhuj Boy Lord Ganesh Select
Vallabh Boy Dear, Beloved Select
Vallabha Boy Beloved Select
Valmiki Boy Saint Who Wrote Ramayan Select
Vama Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vamadev Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vaman Boy Short Select
Vanad Boy Cloud Select
Vanadev Boy Lord Of The Forest Select
Vanamalin Boy Lord Krishna Select
Vandan Boy Salutation Select
Vanij Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vaninadh Boy Husband Of Saraswati (The Goddess Of Knowledge) Select
Vaninath Boy Husband Of Goddess Saraswati Select
Vanraj Boy King Of Forest Select
Vansh Boy Coming Generation Of Father Select
Vanshya Boy Select
Vansidhar Boy Lord Krishna Select
Varad Boy God Of Fire Select
Varadraj Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Varana Boy Holy River Select
Vardhan Boy Lord Shiva Select
Varesh Boy Lord Shiva Select


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