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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Vayu Boy Lord Hanuman Select
Vayujat Boy Lord Hanuman Select
Vayun Boy Lively Select
Vayunand Boy Lord Hanuman Select
Vayya Boy Friend Select
Ved Boy Sacred Knowledge Select
Vedamohan Boy Lord Krishna Select
Vedang Boy From The Vedas Select
Vedant Boy Hindu Philosophy Select
Vedanth Boy The One Who Has Read The Vedas Select
Vedatman Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Vedbhushan Boy One Adorned With Knowledge Of The Vedas Select
Vedesh Boy Lord Of Vedas Select
Vedprakash Boy Light Of Vedic Knowledge Select
Veekshith Boy Select
Veer Boy Brave Select
Veera Boy Brave Select
Veerbhadra Boy The Ashwamedha Horse Select
Veerendra Boy Lord Of The Brave Select
Velan Boy Lord Shiva's Son Select
Venavir Boy Venavir Select
Venkat Boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna Select
Venkatesh Boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna Select
Viamrsh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vibhakar Boy One Emitting Light ( Eg Sun, Fire) Select


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