Indian Hindu Baby Names

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Yara Girl name

Little butter fiy

Yash Boy name

Victory, glory

Yash Boy name

Glory, Victory

Yashas Boy name


Yashaswini Girl name

One Who Is Successful

Yashawini Girl name

Successful lady

Yashica Girl name


Yashila Girl name


Yashita Girl name

Successful ,winner

Yashoda Girl name

Lord Krishna's Mother

Yashodev Boy name

Lord Of Fame

Yashodhan Boy name

Rich In Fame

Yashodhar Boy name

One Who Has Gained Fame

Yashodhara Girl name

Wife Of Gautama Buddha

Yashomati Girl name

Successful Lady

Yashovarman Boy name

Yashpal Boy name

Protector Of Fame

Yashvi Girl name


Yashwant Boy name

One Who Has Achieved Glory

Yatee Girl name

Goddess Durga

Yatharth Boy name

Yathavan Boy name

Lord Vishnu

Yatheesh Boy name

Aleader or Master

Yathindra Boy name

Lord Indra

Yatin Boy name


Yatindra Boy name

Lord Indra

Yatish Boy name

Lord Of Devotees

Yatnesh Boy name

God Of Efforts

Yauvani Girl name

Full of youth

Yauvani Girl name


Yayati Boy name

Name Of A Sage

Yayin Boy name

Lord Shiva

Yedhu Boy name

Yeshas Boy name

Yeswika Girl name

Success , Gift of God

Yochana Girl name


Yogendra Boy name

Again, God Of Yoga

Yogesh Boy name

God Of Yoga

Yogi Boy name


Yogini Girl name

One Who Can Control Senses

Yogita Girl name

One Who Can Concentrate

Yojana Girl name

A Plan

Yojit Boy name


Yoshita Girl name


Yousha Girl name

Young girl

Yudhajit Boy name

Victor In War

Yudhishthir Boy name

Eldest Pandava Brother

Yudhisthir Boy name

Firm In Battle

Yudiraj Boy name

Yug Boy name


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