Indian and Hindu Boy Names With Meanings

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Romesh Boy name

God of Rama

Roopesh Boy name

hand some

Rosan Boy name

creates a quiet, systematic, and technical nature and a clever, inventive mind, attentive to detail.

Ryan Boy name

The little ruler ; little king

Qishen Boy name

One who follows Krishna

Paandu Boy name

Father of the pandavas

Paaninee Boy name

A sanskrit grammarian

Paarprahm Boy name

The supreme spirit

Paarvendan Boy name

A person who can rule the world

Paavak Boy name


Paavan Boy name

Pure, sacred

Pachak Boy name

It means one who can digest situations well

Padamjit Boy name

The person who is beautiful like the Lotus

Padampal Boy name

A man who loves Lord Krishna

Padamprem Boy name

A devout follower of Lord Krishna

Padmahasta Boy name

Lotus-handed. lord krishan

Padman Boy name


Padmapati Boy name

Lord vishnu

Naren Boy name

"the best of men".

Badri Prasad Boy name

Gifto of badri

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