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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Reetul Girl Select
Rekha Girl Line Select
Rena Girl Peace Select
Renesh Boy Lord Of Love Select
Renit Boy Select
Renjith Boy Victory Select
Renu Girl Molecule Select
Renuka Girl The Mother Of Parasurma Select
Resham Girl Silk Select
Reshma Girl Silken Select
Reshmi Girl Silken Select
Resna Girl

Tongue , Ray

Reva Girl A Star Select
Revant Boy One Who Keep Horses Select
Revati Girl A Star Select
Rewa Girl Swift Select
Reyansh Boy Select
Rhea Girl Stream Select
Richa Girl Verses Of Sanskrit Select
Riddhi Girl Power And Success Select
Ridit Boy Select
Rigved Boy Select
Rikin Boy Select
Rimjhim Girl Select
Rini Boy Little bunny Select


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