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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Rochan Boy Red Lotus, Bright Select
Rohak Boy Rising Select
Rohan Boy Climbing Or Ascending Something, Developing, Increasing Select
Rohini Girl Sandalwood Tree Select
Rohiniraman Boy The Enchanted Lord (Krishna) Select
Rohinish Boy Moon Select
Rohit Boy Red, Sun, Red Flower Select
Rohita Girl Brahma's Daughter Select
Rohitashwa Boy One With Red Horse, Fire Select
Rohtak Boy Sun Select
Roma Girl Lakshmi Select
Romila Girl Heartfelt Select
Romir Boy Interesting Select
Ronak Boy Celebration Select
Ronav Boy Select
Ronith Boy Select
Ronsher Boy Lion Of The Battlefield Select
Roopam Girl Beautiful Select
Roopitha Girl Beautiful Select
Roshan Boy Illumination Select
Roshana Girl Select
Roshni Girl Light Select
Rosy Girl Deep Pink Select
Rucha Girl Bright Select
Ruchi Girl Taste Select


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