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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Anshuman Boy Sun Select
Ansu Boy Ray Of Light Select
Antara Girl A Notation In Indian Music Select
Antariksh Boy Space / Universe Select
Antriksa Boy Space; Outer Space; Sky Select
Anu Girl An atom ,Angel Select
Anubha Girl Select
Anubhav Boy Experience or perception Select
Anuhya Girl Something Unexpected Select
Anuj Boy Later Born, Younger Select
Anuja Girl Younger Sister Select
Anuka Girl Desirous Select
Anukrithi Girl A picture Select
Anumati Girl Consent Select
Anumega Girl Following the rain Select
Anumita Girl love and kindness Select
Anupa Girl Pond Select
Anupam Boy Incomparable Select
Anupama Girl Beyond Comparison, Unique Select
Anupriya Girl Goddess Laxmi Select
Anura Girl Knowledgeable Select
Anuradha Girl Name Of A Star Select
Anurag Boy Attachment, Devotion, Love Select
Anuraj Boy Devoted, illuminating, enlightening Select
Anurupika Girl Select


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