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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Shaik Boy Select
Shail Boy Mountain Select
Shaila Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Shaildhar Boy One Who Holds Mountain ( Lord Krishna) Select
Shailen Boy Select
Shailendra Boy God Of Mountain ( Himalaya) Select
Shailesh Boy God Of Mountain ( Himalaya) Select
Shaili Girl Style Select
Shailja Girl Daughter Of Mountain Select
Shakti Boy Power Select
Shakti Girl Strength Select
Shaktidhar Boy Powerful One, Kartikeya Select
Shaktik Boy Powerful; Mighty Select
Shakuni Boy A Bird Select
Shakunt Boy Blue Jay Select
Shakuntala Girl Brought Up By Birds Select
Shalabh Boy Select
Shalaka Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Shalang Boy Emperor Select
Shaligram Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Shalik Boy A Sage Select
Shalin Boy Modest Select
Shalin Girl Silk-Cottom Tree Select
Shalina Boy Courteous Select
Shalini Girl Courteous Select


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