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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Shrujan Boy Select
Shruti Girl Having Knowledge Of The Vedas Select
Shubendra Boy Lord Of Virtue Select
Shubh Boy Fortunate Select
Shubhaksh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Shubhangi Girl Handsome Limbed Select
Shubhay Boy Blessing Select
Shubhi Girl Good Luck Select
Shubhojit Boy Handsome Select
Shubhra Girl White, The Ganga Select
Shubhranshu Boy Moon, Camphor Select
Shuchi Girl Pious, Pure, Bright Select
Shuchismita Girl One Who Has A Pure Smile Select
Shuchita Girl Purity Select
Shukla Boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Select
Shukla Girl Goddess Saraswati Select
Shukti Girl Pearl-Oyster Select
Shulandhar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Shulin Boy Lord Krishna Select
Shushil Boy Pleasant Select
Shushma Girl Beautiful Woman Select
Shushruth Boy Doctor Of Gods Select
Shvant Boy Placid Select
Shvetambar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Shvetang Boy Fair Complexioned Select


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