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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sudesha Boy Good Country Select
Sudesha Girl A Son Of Krishna Select
Sudeva Boy Good Deva Select
Sudha Girl Nectar Select
Sudhakar Boy Mine Of Nectar, Moon Select
Sudhang Boy Moon Select
Sudhanshu Boy Moon, Camphor Select
Sudiksha Girl Goddess Laxmi Select
Sudipti Girl Brightness Select
Suditi Girl Bright Select
Sugita Girl Beautifully Sung Select
Suhani Girl Pleasant Select
Suhas Boy One With Beautiful Smile/ Laughter Select
Suhas Girl Laughter Select
Suhasini Girl Name Of A Goddess Select
Suhrita Girl Well-Disposed Select
Sujal Boy Select
Sujala Girl Affectionate Select
Sujan Boy A Good Person Select
Sujata Girl Noble Select
Sujay Boy Victory Select
Sujaya Girl Great Triumph Select
Sukanya Girl Good Girl Select
Sukarman Boy Reciter Of 1000 Samhitas Select
Sukesh Boy Good Hair Select


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