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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Yogi Boy Devotee Select
Yogini Girl One Who Can Control Senses Select
Yogita Girl One Who Can Concentrate Select
Yojana Girl A Plan Select
Yojit Boy Planner Select
Yoshita Girl Lady Select
Yousha Girl Young girl Select
Yudhajit Boy Victor In War Select
Yudhishthir Boy Eldest Pandava Brother Select
Yudhisthir Boy Firm In Battle Select
Yudiraj Boy Select
Yug Boy Yug Select
Yugandhar Boy Select
Yugank Boy End Of An Era Select
Yukta Girl A Latitude Select
Yukti Girl Trick, Solution Select
Yutika Girl


Yuvika Girl Young Girl Select
Zara Girl Princess Select
Zevesh Boy Select
Zoya Girl Loving and caring Select
Zravasya Boy Fame , glory Select
Zrimat Boy Charming , lovely , pleasant Select
Zubhasamanvit Boy Endowed with beauty Select


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