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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bela Girl Flowering Creeper, Sea Shore Select
Bhaarati Girl Goddess of knowledge and education Select
Bhadirathi Girl The river Ganga Select
Bhadra Girl Gentle,Blessed Select
Bhadrak Boy Handsome Select
Bhadrakapil Boy Lord Shiva Select
Bhadraksh Boy One With Beautiful Eyes Select
Bhadrashree Boy Sandalwood Tree Select
Bhadresh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Bhagat Boy Devotee Select
Bhagavathi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Bhagesh Boy Lord Of Richness Select
Bhagirath Boy One Who Brought Ganga On Earth Select
Bhagirathi Girl The Ganges Select
Bhagwant Boy God / Bhagwan Select
Bhagwanti Girl Lucky Select
Bhagyalakshmi Girl Goddess Of Wealth Select
Bhagyashree Girl Fortunate Select
Bhagyashri Girl Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky Select
Bhairav Boy One With Frightening Voice, Lord Shiva Select
Bhairavi Girl A Melody In Classical Music Select
Bhakti Girl Devotion Select
Bhamhaghosh Boy Chanting Or Recitation Of Vedas Select
Bhamhanand Boy Happiness For Knowledge Select
Bhamini Girl Beautiful Select


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