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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kali Girl Goddess Parvati, A Bud Select
Kalicharan Boy Feet Of Goddess Kali ( Goddess Durga) Select
Kalidas Boy Devotee Of Godess Kali, Name Of A Famous Poet Of India Select
Kalika Girl Loud Select
Kalikesh Boy Select
Kalindi Girl The River Yamuna Select
Kalka Girl Durga Select
Kalkin Boy Tenth Incarnation Of God Vishnu Hindu Boy Select
Kallola Girl Name of a Raga Select
Kallolee Girl Full Of Joy Select
Kalpak Boy A Heavenly Tree Select
Kalpana Girl Imagination Select
Kalpanath Boy Hindu Boy Select
Kalpini Girl Idea, Imagination, Fancy Select
Kalpita Girl The Imagined Select
kalpitha Girl Imagined Select
Kalya Girl Pleasant Select
Kalyan Boy Good, Well-Being , Auspicious, Select
Kalyani Girl Auspicious Select
Kamadev Boy God Of Love (Lust), Cupid Select
Kamakshi Girl One With Lotus Like Eyes Select
Kamakya Girl Durga, Granter of wishes Select
Kamal Boy Lotus Flower,Name Of A God Select
Kamal Nath Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Kamala Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select


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