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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kamalaksh Boy One With Beautiful Lotus -Type Eyes Select
Kamalakshi Girl One With Lotus Like Eyes Select
Kamalbandhu Boy Friend Or Brother Of Lotus ( Sun) Select
Kamalekshan Boy Lotus Eyed Select
Kamalesh Boy God Of Lotus ( Lord Vishnu) (Kamaleshwar) Select
Kamalika Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select
Kamalini Girl Lotus Select
Kamalkant Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Kamalnath Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Kamalnayan Boy One With Beautiful Lotus-Type Eyes Select
Kamana Girl Desire Select
Kamboj Boy Conch Shell, Elephant Select
Kamika Girl Desired Select
Kamini Girl A Beautiful Women Select
Kamlapati Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Kamlesh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Kamna Girl Wish Select
Kamnika Girl Beautiful Select
Kamran Boy Success Select
Kamya Girl Capable Select
Kanai Boy Lord Krishna Select
Kanaiyya Boy Lord Krishna Select
Kanak Boy Gold Select
Kanak, Kanaka Girl Gold Select
Kanakapriya Girl One who loves gold Select


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