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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kiritmani Boy Jewel In The Crown Select
Kirtan Boy Song Of Praise Select
Kirti Girl Fame Select
Kirtibhushan Boy One Adorned With Fame Select
Kirtivallabh Boy Aspirant Of Fame Select
Kishan Boy Lord Krishna Select
Kishlaya Boy Lotus; Fresh Leave* Select
Kishore Boy Teenager Select
Kishori Girl Young Select
Kisna Boy Lord Krishna Select
Kiya Girl The cooing of a bird or melodious Select
Kokila Girl The Cuckoo Select
Komal Girl Delicate Select
Kopal Girl A Newly Born Bud Select
Kopal Girl A Rose Bud Select
Koundinya Boy Sage Select
Koyal Girl The Cuckoo Select
Kranti Girl Revolution Select
Kripa Boy Has A Twin Sister Kripi Hindu Boy Select
Kripa Girl Mercy Select
Kripanidhi Boy One With Heart Full Of Mercy Select
Kripasagar Boy Ocean Of Mercy Select
Krishav Boy Lord Krishna And Lord Shiv Combined Select
Krishna Boy Black, Dark, Lord Krishna Select
Krishna Das Boy Sevak of Lord Krishna Select


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