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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Alagan Boy Handsome Select
Alankar Boy Gold; Ornament Select
Alisha Girl Protected By God Select
Alka Girl A Girl With A Lovely Hair Select
Alok Boy Cry Of Victory, Invisible Select
Alok Nath Boy Variant of 'Alok' Select
Alop Boy That which does not disappear Select
Alpana Girl A Decorative Design Select
Amaan Boy Aman Select
Amal Boy Bright, Clean, Pure Select
Amalendu Boy Pure like the moon Select
Amalesh Boy The pure one Select
Amanuday Boy Peace Rising Select
Amar Boy Forever, Immortal Select
Amara Boy Immortal Select
Amaravathy Girl Flowing River Select
Amardeep Boy Eternal Light Select
Amari Girl No Sign Of Stopping Anything Select
Amarjeet Boy Victorious Select
Amav Boy Ocean Select
Amay Boy Fair Select
Amaya Girl Guileless, not cunning or free from deceit Select
Amba Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Ambar Boy Sky, Cloth Cover Select
Ambarisha Boy Lord Of The Sky Select


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