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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Mohini Girl Very Beautiful Select
Mohisha Girl Intellect Select
Mohit Boy Enchanted By Beauty Select
Mohita Girl Attracted Select
Mokshith Boy Select
Mona Girl Just One Select
Monica Girl A Wise Counsellor Select
Monish Boy Lord Of Mind Select
Morad Boy Prophet's Name Select
Moti Boy Pearl Select
Mranalini Boy A Collection Of Lotus Select
Mridul Boy Soft, calm Select
Mridula Girl Tenderness Select
Mrigalochan Boy One With Eyes Like That Of A Deer Select
Mriganayani Girl One With Deer- Like Beautiful Eyes Select
Mrigank Boy Moon Select
Mriganka Girl Lord Shiva Select
Mrigankmouli Boy One With Moon In His Hair ( I.E. Lord Shiva ) Select
Mrigankshekhar Boy One With Moon On His Head (I.E.Lord Shiva) Select
Mrigendra Boy Lord Of Deers (I.E.Lion) Select
Mrigesh Boy Lion Select
Mrinal Boy Lotus Select
Mrinalini Girl Lotus Select
Mrinank Boy Moon Select
Mrinendra Boy Lion Select


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