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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Neelabh Boy Object In The Sky ( Cloud, Moon) Select
Neelabja Girl Blue Lotus Select
Neelakshi Girl Blue-Eyed Select
Neelam Boy Emerald Select
Neelam Girl Sapphire Select
Neelamani Boy Blue Jewel Select
Neelambar Boy Blue-Cloth, Blue Sky Select
Neelambari Girl Blue Sky Select
Neelambuj Boy Blue Lotus Select
Neelanjana Girl Blue Select
Neelgreev Boy Lord Shiva Select
Neelkamal Boy Blue Lotus Select
Neelkant Boy A Jewel, Lord Vishnu Select
Neelkanth Boy One With Blue Neck (E.G. The Bird Peacock, Lord Shiva) Select
Neelotpal Boy Blue Lotus Select
Neer Boy Select
Neera Girl Water Select
Neeraj Boy Born From Water (Lotus, Pearl) Select
Neeraja Girl Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi Select
Neerav Boy Silent Select
Neeru Girl Light Select
Neeta Girl Upright Select
Neeti Girl Good Behaviour Select
Neha Girl Yearning Select
Nehal Boy The One Who Is Gratified Select


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