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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Omswaroop Boy Manifestation of divinity Select
Omswarup Boy Like Om Select
Onella Girl Light Select
Oni Girl Shelter Select
Oojam Boy Enthusiasm Select
Oorja Girl The Energy Select
Oorjit Boy Powerful, Strong Select
Orpita Girl Offering Select
Padam Boy Lotus Select
Padimni Girl Select
Padma Girl Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi Select
Padmabandhu Boy Friend Of Lotus ( Bee , Sun ) Select
Padmadhar Boy One Who Holds A Lotus ( Lord Vishnu) Select
Padmaj Boy Born From Lotus ( Lord Bramha) Select
Padmaja Girl Born Of A Lotus Select
Padmakalyani Girl Name of a Raga Select
Padmakant Boy Husband Of Lotus ( Sun) Select
Padmakar Boy Jewel, Lord Vishnu Select
Padmakshi Girl One whose eyes are as beautiful as a lotus,Goddess Lakshmi Select
Padmal Girl Lotus Select
Padmalochan Boy Lotus Eyed Select
Padmanabh Boy One With Lotus In His Navel ( Lord Vishnu) Select
Padmanabha Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Padmapani Boy Lord Bramha Select
Padmayani Boy Lord Brahama; Buddha Select


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