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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Param Boy Ultimate Select
Paramartha Boy Highest Or Divine Truth Select
Paramita Girl Wisdom Select
Paramjeet Boy Highest Success Select
Paramjit Boy Heroic Select
Paramjyothi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Paran Boy Select
Paranjay Boy Lord Of The Sea Select
Parantap Boy Conquerrer Select
Paras Boy A Stone ( Mythical Stone ) Which Can Turn Anything Into Gold Select
Parashar Boy A Renowned Saint Select
Parasmani Girl Touchstone Select
Paravi Girl Bird Select
Parees Boy Touch Stone Select
Pargat Boy Appearance Select
Pari Girl Fairy Select
Paridhi Girl Realm Select
Parighosh Boy Loud Sound Select
Parijat Girl A Celestial Flower Select
Pariket Boy Against Desire Select
Parikshit Boy Tested One, Son Of Abhimanyu Select
Parimal Boy Fragrance Select
Parina Girl Fairy Select
Parinaaz Girl Sweet, fairy Select
Parindra Boy Lion Select


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