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Boy names starting with U

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Uchadev Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Uchit Boy Correct Select
Udant Boy Correct Message Select
Udarathi Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Udarchis Boy Lord Shiva Select
Udarsh Boy Brimming Select
Uday Boy To Rise,Sunrise Select
Udayan Boy Up Rising Select
Udbal Boy Mighty Select
Udbhav Boy Creation, To Arise From Select
Uddip Boy Giving Light Select
Uddiran Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Uddish Boy Lord Shiva Select
Uddiyan Boy Flying Speed Select
Uddunath Boy Lord Of Stars Select
Udeep Boy Flood Select
Udit Boy Grown, Shining, Awakened Select
Udjith Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Udu Boy Water Select
Udupati Boy Lord Of Stars Select
Uduraj Boy Lord Of Stars Select
Udyam Boy Action Select
Udyan Boy Garden Select
Udyat Boy A Star; Rising Select
Ugresh Boy Lord Shiva Select


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