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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ujas Boy First Light Select
Ujendra Boy Conqueror Select
Ujesh Boy One Who Bestows Light Select
Ujjay Boy Victorious Select
Ujjwal Boy Bright, Clear Select
Ujval Boy Splenderous Select
Ulhas Boy Delight, Joy Select
Ullas Boy Light Select
Ulmuk Boy Lord Indra Select
Umachandra Boy Uma ( Goddess Parvati) And Lord Shiva Select
Umakant Boy Husband Of Uma ( Lord Shiva) Select
Umanand Boy Lord Shiva Select
Umang Boy Enthusiasm Select
Umasuthan Boy Son Of Parvathi (Uma)* Select
Umed Boy Wish Select
Umesh Boy God Of Uma ( Lord Shiva) Select
Umeshwar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Unmesh Boy Blowing, Opening, Flash Select
Unnabh Boy Highest Select
Unnatish Boy Lord Of Progress Select
Unshul Boy Select
Upanshu Boy Chanting Of Hymns Or Mantras In Low Tone Select
Upen Boy Select
Upendra Boy An Element Select
Uppal Boy Stone Select


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