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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Uppas Boy Gem Select
Urav Boy Excitement Select
Uresh Boy Select
Urjani Boy Lord Of Strength Select
Urjavaha Boy Of The Nimi Dynasty Select
Urmiya Boy Lord Of Light Select
Urugay Boy Lord Krishna Select
Urvang Boy Mountain Select
Urvansh Boy Select
Urvish Boy Lord Of The Earth Select
Ushangu Boy Lord Shiva Select
Ushapati Boy Husband Of Dawn (Sun) Select
Ushnisin Boy Lord Shiva Select
Ushraayush Boy Bright Life Select
Uthaya Boy Select
Uthkarsh Boy Excellence Select
Utkarsh Boy Prosperity, Awakening Select
Utpal Boy A Water Lily, Fleshless Select
Utpalaksh Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Uttam Boy Best Select
Uttamesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Uttanka Boy Select
Uttar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Uttarak Boy Lord Shiva Select


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