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Hindu Baby Names starting with A

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Aadarsh Boy One who has principles Select
Aadav Boy The sun, bright, powerful, intelligent Select
Aadesh Boy Command, Message Select
Aadhidev Boy First god Select
Aadhira Girl Moon Select
Aadhishankar Boy Sri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha Philosophy Select
Aadit Boy Peak Select
Aaditey Boy Son of aditi Select
Aagman Boy Arrival Select
Aagney Boy Born from fire Select
Aahna Girl Exist Select
Aahva Boy Beloved Select
Aahwaanith Boy Wanted Select
Aakaanksha Girl Desire Select
Aakarshan Boy Attraction Select
Aaloka Girl Cry Of Victory Select
Aamod Boy Pleasant, accept Select
Aanandhi Girl Always happy Select
Aaradhya Girl Worshipped Select
Aaral Girl Flower Select
Aarav Boy Peaceful Select
Aarnav Boy Ocean Select
Aaruthira Girl Mellowness; Tranquility; Softness Select
Aaryahi Girl Godess Durga Select
Aashi Girl Smile Select


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