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Boy names starting with V

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Vaaman Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Vaarin Boy Ocean Select
Vachaspati Boy Lord Of Speech Select
Vadin Boy Select
Vadish Boy Lord Of The Body Select
Vagindra Boy Lord Of Speech Select
Vagish Boy God Of Speech ( Lord Brahma) Select
Vahin Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vaibhav Boy Richness,Glorious; Powerful; Prosperity Select
Vaijayi Boy Victor Select
Vaikartan Boy Name Of Karna Select
Vaikhan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Vaikunth Boy Abode Of Vishnu Select
Vainavin Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vairaj Boy Spiritual Glory Select
Vairaja Boy Son Of Virat Select
Vairat Boy Gem Select
Vairinchya Boy Lord Brahma's Son Select
Vairochan Boy Lord Vishnu's Son Select
Vajasani Boy Lord Vishnu's Son Select
Vajendra Boy Lord Indra Select
Vajradhar Boy Lord Indra Select
Vajrahast Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vajrajit Boy Lord Indra Select
Vajraksha Boy Select


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