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Hindu baby names A-Z listing

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Abhiram Boy Lovely; Pleasing Select
Abhirami Girl 'Hindu Goddes Parvathy' Select
Abhiroop Boy Handsome Select
Abhirut Boy Select
Abhisar Boy Companion Select
Abhishek Boy Shower Of Milk / Water Over An Idol Select
Abhyas Boy Select
Abiradhi Girl Delight; Pleasure; Joy; Jovialit; Hilarity Select
Abra Boy Fire ,cloud Select
Achal Boy Stable/ Soul Select
Achala Girl Constant Select
Achalraj Boy Himalayan Mountain Select
Achintya Boy Beyond Comprehension Select
Achiraprabha Girl Lightening Select
Achlendra Boy King of the mountains Select
Achyuta Boy Indestructible, One Who Is Firm Select
Adah Girl Decorated,Ornament Select
Adamya Boy Select
Adarsh Boy Ideal Select
Adarsha Girl AdarshaAmbition; Aspiration Select
Adeel Boy Honest Select
Adeep Boy Light Select
Adharshana Girl Idealistic Select
Adheesh Boy King, god Select
Adhika Girl More, Extra Select


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